More Time. Less Stress. Higher Profit.

If you’re frustrated or overwhelmed managing the online tools that drive your web-based business, join us on the road to…

A More Efficient Business in 30 Days

Crush time-wasting with less administrative tasks
Banish frustration and say hi! to elation

Activate profit with improvements to the online tools that support your business

We understand.

Your web-based business is booming.

You have the clients.

You’re making money.

You’re seen as a respected authority figure in your niche.


Your online tools are getting complex.

You can’t seem to get them working together.

And you’re spending time doing things manually when you KNOW there’s an easier way.

Now you’re overwhelmed and ready to throw in the towel.

Even though your administrative tasks should only take a few minutes…

They somehow become hours, and then days.

And this is when we go and grab a glass of wine with friends…

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What Happened to the Good Old Days When Things Were Much Simpler?
Those days are officially back!

Introducing The Digital Capital Company’s Virtual CTO Service.

Our Virtual CTO Service Was Created for Business Owners Like You…

…who are running their web-based business almost entirely with subscription-based software (aka online tools)

…who don’t know how to integrate everything

…who aren’t aware of the possibilities for time-saving

…Who Are Ready to Kick Ass and Get Back to Business

But How?

There are so many online tools and those tools can be overwhelming. Most business owners are using the wrong tools. Even if they have the right tools they are probably using them the wrong way, which is costing them a fortune.

We do an audit to look at all of your online tools and make sure they are the right fit.

Once you’ve got the right tools in place we set them up to be as automated as possible.

Do we set up Zaps? Yes, we love getting happier with Zapier. We may even introduce you to Zaps you didn’t even know existed.

We make sure all your services are “talking” to each other, instead of working in isolation.

That is how we Kick Ass and Get You Back to Business

Here's How It Works

1. R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Your business is your “baby” and your team is like family. We have the same feelings about our own.

We’ll treat your kick-ass empire with the respect it deserves and make decisions as if it were our own.

2. Repeat

You’ll feel free to vent your frustrations. We need to understand how your workflow is right now – good or bad.

We’ll eagerly take notes and listen for key areas to give you the biggest improvements.

3. Relax

We’ll prescribe solutions to make the best of your online tools.

We’ll set up any integrations you need and fix the ones that aren’t optimized.

Experience a More Efficient Business in 30 Days Or It's Free!

We can help you best if...

  • You are open and willing to make a positive change in your business.
  • You don’t take life too seriously. Let’s have fun while we crush it!
  • Your website runs on WordPress.
  • Your team, including yourself, has at least 3 people but no more than 7.
  • Your annual business revenue is $100K+.