Your business is online, but you don’t really know if your website is good.

This is a #1 fear of business owners when they launch a website. That their website isn’t very good and they spent money for nothing. What if there was a surefire way to a) alleviate your fears and b) handle your worst fear, even if it is confirmed.

I’m going to show you how to evaluate your website like a pro.

Have you told your story?

In order to engage your customers you have to talk about what you believe in. Why do you matter and what does your organization really care about?

If someone lands on your website they should feel a connection to you. If your business was a human being, who would it be and what would it care about? This is how you develop a buyer “persona.”

Have you addressed your customers’ pain points?

People usually spend money for two reasons. First, they spend money to relieve pain. Second, they spend money to pursue pleasure.

Customers are people. The stronger the pain, the more compelling your solution is. Sometimes people can’t even envision a solution. It is your job to offer one.

Think of things that people find frustrating, annoying, urgent or uncomfortable. These should guide you and demonstrate how your solutions make these pain points go away.

Have you decided what people should say about your business?

This isn’t about getting praise or writing a fake testimonial (please don’t ever do this). It’s about being clear about how you want to help people.

If your goal is to help membership businesses get more members, than your customer should say, “X helped us get more members in our organization.”

It may seem obvious. But, you have to be super specific about how you want to help others. Once you accomplish this, your solutions will come to light and other people can spread the word.

If you can objectively look at your website and consider the three things above, you have the skills to evaluate your website like a pro. After you evaluate your website, write down what you discovered and tackle any problems one step at a time.


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