CASE STUDY: Essential System Solutions

Linda McMahon, Owner

This is what Essential System Solutions (ESS) did to gain more time in their day and reduce stress.

ESS had no email automation system to deliver a multi-week online coaching program after a sale was completed. They wanted to serve more people. But without email automation, the manual work would greatly limit scalability.

The time required to send multiple manual emails, with homework attachments, would limit the number of participants they could serve at one time.

On top of that, it was effecting Essential System Solutions’ ability to manage their other programs.

When we first met the owner, Linda McMahon, she:

  • manually sent 7-10 emails times the number of clients in the multi-week program
  • used a combination of MailChimp lists and Excel sheets to track participants
  • had no email automation


Now Linda:

  • triggers her fully automated email series with one data entry task
  • manually sends zero (0) program emails
  • has a simple and easy to use central CRM
  • a system that any team member can run


We built our automated email system for ESS which included:

  • delivery automation to provide a consistent experience for every program participant
  • the ability to easily make changes to program documents without having to re-link files in emails
  • a¬†written system and video tutorial for reference and team use


Essential System Solutions benefits by:

  • gaining time for more high-value tasks
  • having the ability to scale and increase revenue
  • having a repeatable system that is easily adapted for other programs