about us

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Hi! I’m Amy

Founder of The Digital Capital Company – a Virtual CTO service company where business owners can get their online tools optimized and automated properly. Having fun is a requirement for us. If you’re the stuffy serious type, we’re probably not a good fit.

It takes a lot to run an online business. You may have a subscription to your landing pages (example: ClickFunnels), another for scheduling clients (example: Calendly), one for working with your team (example: Asana), and on and on it goes.

Whether the online tools are free or paid, they are an important part of your business structure. When set up properly, you can gain back time and save a lot of money.

Don’t we all want something done right without wasting a bunch of time?

Common problems we can solve:


Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all of the online tools that run your business? We can help you and your team feel well taken care of.


You have hastily configured a system on your own that has worked temporarily, but it’s not built with the proper structure for long-term stability.

It’s starting to fall apart and your team is annoyed. Things that should only take a few minutes somehow become hours, and then days.

We can eliminate this headache.

Hoarding Online Tools

You’ve become a hoarder; acquiring multiple online tools without knowing how to use all their features. Spending weeks, even months and years to figure this out on your own will book you a ticket on the crazy train. 

We can handle this for you.

If you need some help, we have many ways for you to reach out. You can use our Calendly link to book a free 15-minute consultation. You can find us on Facebook Messenger. Or, just send an email.