Communicating with customers and potential clients isn’t always easy. People just want to get their message out. But in reality, how do you really know if your message is being heard?

Bueller? Bueller?

Sending messages is better than not communicating at all, but if you are serious about tapping into the power of good email marketing, these tips will help you supercharge your progress.

1. List Segmentation

Businesses who really want to customize their solutions to potential customers use segmentation / segmented lists for email blasts. If you have kids, you have experienced segmentation already – half cheese pizza, half everything else? Or how about – mom & dad have a glass of wine and the kids get soda? In both examples, the people are getting food and beverage except it’s adjusted to their unique preference or requirements.

Here are a few more business segmentation examples:

  1. Member vs. non-member for association marketing
  2. People who prefer to receive newsletters 1x monthly vs. weekly
  3. E-commerce customers who are first-time buyers vs. repeat
  4. People who live in Florida vs. the rest of the country

Advice: Start thinking about the type of information you need from your customers and then develop your segmentation from this.

2. RSS-to-Email

If you are writing regularly on your blog, people need to know when there is a new post to read. If you don’t post it on social media, for example, how would a person know to re-visit your site to read it?

Each time you post a blog, you can send it to your email subscribers without even thinking about it. By creating an RSS-to-email campaign, you can set the email to blast automatically on a certain date and time after a new post publishes.

Advice: Setting this up can keep you on track with writing regular posts. You will know that if you don’t write a new post, your email campaign won’t go out to your subscribers!

3. Templates

Create a company-branded template based on your goal. Are you trying to sell products, share some news, or tell a story? By creating templates for different messages, you can keep your style and messaging consistent.

Templates also streamline the process of creating each email blast. You won’t have to muddle over making things pretty; instead, you can focus on your messaging and get it done!


On Wednesday, April 5, 2017 I will be giving a 30-minute tech talk from 12:15-12:45PM on email marketing. You can attend for free. The place is INIE headquarters downtown.  This is part of Women Wednesdays. You can co-work free between 10AM-3PM as well.